Badmotordrummer (Badmotorfinger drums transcribed)

Although I only listen to them now when my iWhatever brings them up on shuffle, Soundgarden was my favorite band for a few years. UltraMega OK, Louder Than Love and Badmotorfinger (especially) ruled my world. Having Sabbath as my favorite band growing up (not unlike most “metal” folks), Soundgarden, to me, was a graceful and rippin’ evolution of all my favorite elements from the first four Sabbath albums. It probably goes against all of the band’s personal musical tastes and/or interests, but I was really hoping their music would get heavier and faster while keeping the epic vocal melodies. So when Superunknown was released, no doubt I was disappointed, but it is a great album; just not as great as Badmotorfinger. And the last album… I can even remember it’s name. Anyway, I digress.

Back when Badmotorfinger was the shit for me, I transcribed the drum music for it. Sorry that it’s hand written and sloppy, but I did this in the early ’90s. Enough, said. If someone knows of a notation software that does a drumset staff format (cymbals top, drums middle, bass drums bottom) right out of the box, plz let me know about it.

Go get it.