Badmotordrummer (Badmotorfinger drums transcribed)

Although I only listen to them now when my iWhatever brings them up on shuffle, Soundgarden was my favorite band for a few years. UltraMega OK, Louder Than Love and Badmotorfinger (especially) ruled my world. Having Sabbath as my favorite band growing up (not unlike most “metal” folks), Soundgarden, to me, was a graceful and rippin’ evolution of all my favorite elements from the first four Sabbath albums. It probably goes against all of the band’s personal musical tastes and/or interests, but I was really hoping their music would get heavier and faster while keeping the epic vocal melodies. So when Superunknown was released, no doubt I was disappointed, but it is a great album; just not as great as Badmotorfinger. And the last album… I can even remember it’s name. Anyway, I digress.

Back when Badmotorfinger was the shit for me, I transcribed the drum music for it. Sorry that it’s hand written and sloppy, but I did this in the early ’90s. Enough, said. If someone knows of a notation software that does a drumset staff format (cymbals top, drums middle, bass drums bottom) right out of the box, plz let me know about it.

Go get it.

One thought on “Badmotordrummer (Badmotorfinger drums transcribed)

  1. Very nice work. I can only assume the amount of work that went into transcribing the entire album. Some Matt’s best performances can be heard on Badmotorfinger.

    I’m still looking for transcriptions of Matt’s performances on the Temple of the Dog album. If you ever come across them, please be sure to let me know.

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